Building Storage Beds

Jan 15th

Storage beds are made easy with standard building work, simple hardware and a few tools. These types of beds come in handy for cabins, camps or even a couple of months stay at a random apartment. Wooden beds are cheap and fast build. You can pick up deliveries to almost any hardware store. Even these beds may not be as decorative as more expensive beds; you can recycle materials for other projects when no longer needed the bed.

Storage Beds Oak
Storage Beds Oak


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Set two 80-inch discs on the edge storage beds, parallel and 57 inches apart. Place two 57-inch discs perpendicular between them so their corners are flush. Screw through 80-inch discs into the 57-inch discs to make a 60-by-80-inch frame. Use eight screws for this step. Place a 60-inch board on the frame so it is flat and parallel to the 57-inch discs. The ends should be level with the sides of 80-inch discs, and one of the 60-inch edges should be level with the side of one of the 57-inch discs. Screw 60-inch on board to 80-inch on board. Use four screws for this step.

Place another 60-inch board in parallel with the first board and 1½ inches away. Turn the board to the 80-inch discs in the same way as before. Continue screwing 60-inch discs to 80-inch discs, spacing them 1½ inches apart. This is your storage beds. Put your mattress on the bed frame. The sides of the mattress should be level with the sides of the wooden bed frame. The beds are available in many shapes and sizes, but there are regular bed heights that help a buyer find the one that suits the best. Single beds are small and perfect for one person. Extra long beds are also available; however, the bed sheets for this bed size are hard to find. Different bed frame types for single beds are available that greatly affect the height of the bed and should be taken into account when buying a single bed.

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